24 February 2014


I know I have been gone for AGES, but I decided to take some time out and recharge and regroup coming back and feel like I have my mojo back again!

Here is my latest video, sharing some of my favourite Summer Time essentials products. I will be back with a new video each week for now but promise to keep you all updated as things change in the world of Starling Bright and all things Makeup, Mac and Bright Colours.

Feel free to share any feedback, comments or requests.

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30 June 2013

Review - Born To Balm Killa Vanilla

Lip Balm is an essential part of anyone's beauty routine, to keep those lips baby smooth. I often have one in my handbag, a couple in my beauty draws and scattered around my bathroom. I was happy for fellow blogger Sophie from Born To Buy when she released her own line of lip balms because really who knows beauty products better than beauty bloggers? I wanted to share my thoughts on one of the lip balms from that line, Killa Vanilla.

24 June 2013


Mac know what the people want and trust me... the people want PAINT POTS! There are some beautiful new paint pots on the way which is in addition to the collection that we saw released earlier this year as well as eyeliners! There are some repromotes again but also some delicious new colours!

Release - USA / Canada September 2013 & Australia September / October 2013

  • CHROME ANGEL(platinum silver)
  • LET’S SKATE (pale pink with pearl)
  • PERKY (creamy coral with white pearl)
  • RUBENESQUE (golden peach with gold pearl)
  • LAYIN’ LOW (creamy beige)
  • CLEARWATER (sea foam)
  • ANTIQUE DIAMOND (frosted olive-silver)
  • CAMEL COAT (muted beige)
  • TAILOR GREY (muted grey)
  • STORMY PINK (muted grey-purple)
  • CONSTRUCTIVIST (metallic brown with red pearl)
  • BLACKGROUND (black-gray with multi-colour)

  • DEFINEDLY BLACK (deep black)
  • STRONG WILLED (deep eggplant)
  • DEVOTION (deep army green)
  • POWERLINE (muted gold)

  • 242 SHADER

What is on your wishlist for this collection? How many paintpots are you grabbing? I am eyeing off that seafoam green for sure!

Peace and Love,


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26 May 2013

MAY IS MAC MONTH - Chromagraphic Pencils Hi Def Cyan & Process Magenta

Chromagraphic Pencils are fabulous and great products to have in your stash to do a number of things. I was happy to see these Pro items being released again for everyone to have access to them. They are often promoted in collections that are bright and vibrant and fun like the Art Of The Eye Collection.

Chromagraphic Pencils are permanent items at Pro, anyone can purchase them but they are not sold at regular counters and online unless they are released with a collection. They are great products to line lips, line eyes, draw and create whatever you think up. They are very VERY pigmented so its easy to see why they are pro items. I don't find them drying or pulling and dragging on the skin. I rarely find the need to go over any line that I draw with these pencils, but I do keep these sanitized and sharpen every pencil after every time I use them.

25 May 2013


Mac Art Of The Eye Collection is my kind of collection, simply because it is filled with fun and bright eye products. I decided to skip the Pink and Orange eyeshadows (because I have ALOT of pink and orange eyeshadows especially recently with Fashion Sets and Daydreaming) and purchased the 3 gorgeous blues and greens. I do have to say that these do have OUT THERE names!

24 May 2013


Mac are well known for collaborating with icons from all different walks of life to bring the consumers rare and one off products that send everyone into a CRAZY spin fighting to purchase the items. This happened again with the release of RiRi Woo resulting in USA selling out in 3 hours! This lipstick is still available in Australia so I thought it was time for a quick comparison post on RiRi Woo vs Ruby Woo.

20 May 2013


Are you ready for the big Mac summer collection (well summer for USA and winter for Australia). I love that Mac are bringing out some new colour collections with fun brights again and NEW BRUSHES!! I know for sure I have my eyes on that new 159 Brush to add to my collection and new Mineralize Rich lipstick colour Midnight Mambo seeings I love the formula so much. Those that missed out on Fashion Sets Lip Pencils will be happy to see they are being re-promoted and Tropica sounds DIVINE! I am not a massive fan of mineralize eyeshadows and blushes so will probably skip those even though they look pretty.

Release - USA & Canada 4th July 2013 / International July 2013

Mineralize Lipsticks
Lady at Play – Mid-tone cool tangerine
Divine Choice – Mid-tone cool pink cream
Midnight Mambo –Intense violet
Luxe Naturale – Light beige cream
Glamour Era – Mid-tone warm brown frost

Cremesheen Glass
Calypso Beat –Pale neutral pink
Fever Isle – Bright red coral
Japanese Spring - Pale mid-tone pink
Narcissus – Mid-tone eggplant

Lip Pencil
Hip ‘n’ Happy – Mid-tone blue pink
Have to Have It – Soft warm beige
Heroine – Bright purple
Ablaze – Bright apricot
Tropica - Silver blue with purple pearlize pigments

Mineralize Blush
Sweet Samba –Dark pink with tan pearlized pigments
Exotic Ember – Orange with bronze pearlized pigments
Simmer- Burnt rose with peach/gold pearlized pigments

Mineralize Skinfinish
Adored – Coral with light beige pearlized pigments
Rio – Bronze with bright pink pearlized pigments
Lust – Pale pink with cranberry pearlized pigments
Soft ‘n Gentle – Gilded peach bronze
Gold Deposit – Soft reflective golden bronze

Mineralize Eyeshadow
Dare to Bare – Light cream with gold pearlized pigments
Carribean –Rose with pink and red pearlized pigments
Cha-Cha-Cha – Deep blue green with green pearlized pigments
Time to Tango- Lavendar with silver pearlized pigments
Bossa Blue – Royal blue with brown pearlized pigments

Kohl Power Eye Pencil
Feline – Rich Black
Orpheus – Intense black with gold pearlized pigments

187 Brush – Duo fibre face brush
159 Brush - Duo fibre face brush
287 Brush - Duo fibre eyeshadow brush

In Extreme Dimension Lash

What do you have on your wish-list for this collection??

Peace and Love,

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